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Call Center Supervisor Training

A 5-part supervisor training series adapted to the everyday reality of managing staff and operations in a busy call center

Supervisor Training:  Session Descriptions

Call Center Operations Overview:  How to Effectively Manage in the Unique Environment of a Call Center

Successful supervisors are the ones who understand the behind-the-scenes workings of the call center and know the impact their decisions will have on the frontline staff, customers and operations. In this lead-off session, we delve into the three critical areas of the call center: workforce management, speed of service and operational costs. We examine the relationship among these components so supervisors will make the right decisions to meet the needs of your call center.

Driving Results with Key Performance Indicators that Matter: Behavior-based Objectives to Improve Your Business

One thing is certain in a call center: there will be an abundance of metrics and reports. The challenge for supervisors is understanding what the numbers mean and which are the ones that really matter. This session provides a framework for metric management and identifies the most commonly used performance metrics in call centers. We will review the calculations of service level, ASA, occupancy, shrinkage, schedule adherence and more. We present these in a manner that even those who aren’t naturally math-minded can understand and master the concepts.

Making the SMART Hire: How to Recruit a Successful Frontline Team

Many pitfalls that commonly plague call centers can be avoided by hiring the right team in the first place. This session will show how to identify the qualities to look for in agents that indicate they will be good fit for your call center. We will review research showing what experience, skill set, temperament and emotional intelligence are most associated with a successful call center hire. We will discuss which interview questions are most likely to uncover those qualities.

Coaching to Results: High IMPACT Coaching Techniques to Shape Essential Behaviors

Call centers can have the most advanced call recording technology and analytical tools, but if you are not delivering impactful call coaching, your center will continue to fall short in delivering reliable, high-quality service. This session provides supervisors with our “IMPACT” roadmap for successful coaching. We will provide three approaches to call coaching aimed to motivate, train and develop behaviors required to meet process requirements and create a satisfying, memorable customer experience.

Managing Poor Performance: Techniques for Applying Consequences and Improve Low Performers

Not all call center agents are stars. But some can be coached to improve while others, in some cases, need to be counseled out of your organization. This session will help the supervisor distinguish between those whose underperformance is a matter of not understanding the expectations, and those who know what to do but for whatever reason will not perform at the required level. We will show how consistent application of consequences can bring up the performance of both groups.