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Call Center Train-the-Trainer

A 4-module curriculum builds the skills of call center instructors as well as provides a framework for evaluating the competency of instructors

Train-the-Trainer:  Session Descriptionscall center frontline agent training

Introduction To Learning Principles: Setting the Stage for Future Modules of Learning for the New Instructor

This lead-off session in CCTA’s 4-Part Train the Trainer Series seeks to introduce the new instructor (or current instructors) to foundational skills essential to delivering quality instructional interventions and success in the training environment. The participants are introduced to topics designed to set up training interventions, such as; Setting Expectations, Learning Objectives & Agreements, Icebreakers, Adult Learning Needs/Styles and “The 4 P Learning Model”. Participants will have opportunities to interact using virtual techniques like polling questions, individual responses and group discussions. Opportunities to practice learnings from this session will be in Module III, Skill Practice, where participants deliver pieces of the first two modules covered.

Presentation Techniques, Questioning Skills and Effective Feedback: Establishing and Maintaining a Positive Learning Environment

In this session, we look into techniques of presentation, such as delivery skills and visual aid set-up and use. Also, key components of maintaining and encouraging a positive learning environment are covered. These components include using effective questioning techniques, group discussions and giving feedback in a constructive and positive manner.   Creating an environment that addresses the adult learning needs and maintaining that environment fosters long-term learning. Again, opportunities to practice techniques learned in this session will be in Module III, Skill Practice.

Instructor Skill Application: Applying Key Learnings

Once you’ve completed the sessions in the first two modules, this highly interactive session gives participants the opportunity to apply the learning in a virtual environment. Individuals choose one of the key topics from the first two sessions, prepare a 10-12 minute presentation and deliver that to the group. Constructive feedback is then given from the Learning Leader & other participants according to effective feedback methods learned in Module II. This is an excellent method for new instructors to apply the newly acquired presentation techniques and further develop positive instructional skills. Certificates are awarded after successful completion of these first 3 modules.

Evaluating Instructor Performance: Quality Assurance for the Training Organization

This session is designed for Managers of Instructors or anyone assigned responsibility of observing Instructors and providing skill feedback. Best Practice topics include: Why Instructor Observations? The 4 Primary Competency areas observed are the following:  Timing, Frequency, Feedback & Calibration. A sample observation form is provided for use in developing your own observations processes.