Call Center Agent and Supervisor Seminars

//Call Center Agent and Supervisor Seminars
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Call Center Agent and Supervisor Seminars

Improving call center performance and service to your customers

At a Glance

Call Center Training Associates offers professionally designed on-site training programs which concentrate on the performance management of two essential groups in the call center:

  1. Frontline Agents
  2. Call Center Supervisors

Service Excellence for Call Center Agents

We use our Call Center University Agent Development modules as the training foundation, and then we customize your training program using your call types, scenarios and customer profiles to create a relevant, engaging on-site training experience for your frontline staff.  You will find our experienced Associates are masters at weaving in real-life call center experience and best practices in a way that challenges and motivates participants to push beyond their usual limits as they practice concepts and apply techniques.

In our Service Excellence Seminar, your frontline agents will learn to:

  • Apply themselves more in the unique working environment of a call center and take responsibility associated with schedule adherence, service levels and quality
  • Deliver a clear, concise and sincere call welcoming to engage the caller
  • Acknowledge caller’s concern and confirm ownership early on in the call
  • Suspend judgment and commit to understanding emotional drivers
  • Frame the conversation to set expectations to ensure question-and-response success
  • Select positive words and phrases to foster cooperation and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Apply techniques to effectively manage difficult callers: overly talkative, know-it-all’s, complainers, blamers and irates
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The Power of One:  Contact Center Supervisor Essentials

It’s common practice that the great agents are the ones promoted to supervisors, however we tend to give them bare minimum training in their new position yet expect great things!  Our Associates know the skill set of call center supervisors is dramatically different from their role on the frontline.  Our Supervisor’s Power of One fills in the knowledge gaps and prepares call center supervisors for success! We start with our Call Center UniversityLeadership Development curriculum and then customize fit it to your unique call center.  This on-site training program will equip your supervisors with the skills to effectively manage the operations and people in your call center.

In The Power of One, your supervisors will learn to:

  • Manage their teams more effectively by understanding the principles of workforce management
  • Manage the most commonly used performance metrics in call centers: service level, ASA, occupancy, shrinkage and schedule adherence
  • Apply interview and selection techniques to find the best-fit agents for their call center teams
  • Effectively evaluate the performance and provide successful coaching to ensure their agents deliver reliable, high quality service
  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the call center to ensure both staff and customer satisfaction
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