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Call Center Quality Optimization

Our hands-on, practical workshops help you develop and roll out a quality monitoring program that will make a real difference effectiveness of your call center and morale of your frontline staff

At a Glance

CCTA offers three integrated workshops (which may be purchased separately), covering all elements of creating and implementing a modern quality monitoring program.

  1. Quality Evaluation Form and Program Development
  2. Quality Calibration Workshop
  3. Call Coaching Workshop

Quality Evaluation Form and Program Development

Our Associates use their call center quality experience and expertise to lead workshop participants through a number of exercises where they not only learn a proven process for creating quality standards but also work together to apply the learned concepts to developing their center’s evaluation form as part of the workshop experience.


Here are the Evaluation Form Workshop deliverables:

  • A comprehensive evaluation form that is aligned with your company and call center’s goals
  • An evaluation standards document template to support clearly defines the behaviors measured on your evaluation form
  • A project plan to build the processes necessary to support your ongoing quality monitoring initiatives
  • An implementation guide to ensure a successful roll-out of your new quality management program
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Quality Calibration Workshop

In the Quality Calibration Workshop, our Associates work with your quality management team to build a calibration program using our proven methodology and framework to select the right participants, establish a schedule, select the right type and number of calls and measure your calibration efforts.

The Calibration Workshop focuses on the following areas:

  • Standardization of quality tools
  • Selection of participants required in calibration process
  • Roadmap for creating your calibration program
  • Step-by-step process for running a productive calibration session/li>
  • How to measure calibration and set goals for quality monitoring evaluation consistency
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Call Coaching Workshop

The Call Coaching Workshop will enhance your team’s ability to evaluate agent performance, using your company’s recorded calls and quality monitoring evaluation tools, and train them to effectively coach and motivate agents.

The Coaching Workshop includes instruction and role-play in these areas:

  • How to identify behavioral trends and select coaching targets
  • Apply a holistic approach to coaching that includes all of your call center’s KPIs, not just the quality evaluation standards
  • Choosing the most effective coaching strategy based on an assessment of each agent’s “skill” or “will”
  • Devising a follow-up plan to motivate agents to commit to change
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