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Creating a Customized Training Program for Your Call Center

Call Center Training Associates (CCTA) uses a three-phase approach to developing your customized training program:

I. Discovery

II. Development

III. Delivery

Phase I:     Discovery

In Phase I, CCTA meets with your call center  management and training team, either on-site or via conference call, depending on complexity of the training project.   During this time our Associates learn about your company, products, services, customers and your unique call center environment.  We ask a lot of questions in order to get a thorough understanding what is needed to meet your training needs.  If Discovery is done on-site at your call center, we observe some of your call center agents and listen to recorded calls to see first-hand where there are opportunists for improvement.

During the Discovery, we learn about your operations, customer call types, review your call (quality) requirements, products and services.

Training Needs Assessment

CCTA will gather and review pertinent information from your call center. This information would include but not be limited to the following items.

  • Organization chart
  • New-hire training syllabus
  • Frontline training materials
  • Supervisory training program materials
  • Customer satisfaction survey results/reports
  • Sales results/breakdown of base + upsell results (by center, by team, by individual)
  • Recorded call samples (calls illustrating various levels of performance)
  • Quality monitoring forms
  • Quality standard definitions and resource documents
  • Productivity reports, indicating service level and other key performance indicators

Phase II:     Development

Typical customization of on-site training and workshops involve using your customer scenarios and call types and adding those to our Call Center University training content as examples in which participants can easily relate to and apply concepts to their “real” call center world.  During the development phase, we will likely circle back to check to ensure accuracy and proof of concept when applying YOUR center’s scenarios and examples to the actual training content.

Phase III:  Delivery

There are several options for the delivery of CCTA’s customized  training programs.

Classroom Delivery.  Our Associates can deliver the programs on-site at your call center location (s), using your training facility. Classroom delivery maximizes interaction between students and instructor and provides good opportunity to practice new skills with fine-tuning and feedback. We recommend that classroom size be limited to no more than 20 students per class.

Web Seminars.  Private web seminars can be an alternative method of delivery, where  participants can gather in one of your conference rooms and attend together on a single web/audio connection.   The web seminars are delivered by “live” instructors.  While not as interactive a classroom training, our experienced Associates are quite skilled at engaging participants and making web seminar classes engaging and interesting.